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[texts]Professional audio production, editing, and mixing techniques - Dowse, Justin Michael
The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate professional and efficient music production and music mixing techniques. This is not meant to be a definitive answer to the endless approaches that can be used in music production and mixing. Instead, it is intended to aid learning in a profession where there are no black and white answers since choices in music production and mixing are highly dependent upon the engineer's preferences...
Keywords: audio production; mixing; music; pro tools; recording arts
Downloads: 2,246 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Lost in translation: the queens of Beowulf - Horton-Depass, Laura Ann
The poem Beowulf has been translated hundreds of times, in part or in whole. In past decades translators such as Howell Chickering and E. Talbot Donaldson firmly adhered to formal equivalency, following the original text line-by-line if not word-by-word. Such translations are useful for Anglo-Saxon students but cannot reach a larger audience because they are unwieldy and often incomprehensible. In the past fifty years, though, a group of translators with different philosophies has taken up the t...
Keywords: Gender; translation; English; Old English; Wealhtheow
Downloads: 1,264
[texts]Variaciones de motivos en los cuentos de Josefina Pla : personajes femeninos, objetos de deuncia e historia Paraguaya - Weiss, Andrew
This research project studies a selection of Paraguayan short stories by Josefina Pla (Fuerteventura 1903 -Asuncion 1999). Through the exploration of certain motifs she associated to Paraguayan history; her characterization of female protagonists; and the insertion of animate and inanimate objects she uses to mask a denunciation of social, cultural, ethical, and gender issues of the Paraguayan microcosm, this thesis seeks to contribute a fresh critical perspective to the limited body of academic...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of arts; spanish; espanol; literature; thesis
Downloads: 338
[texts]The spatial pattern of economic rents and urban land value model around an airport area: the case study of suvarnabhumi international airport, thailand - Bejrananda, Chakarin
With the rise of the importance of air transportation in the 21st centuries, the role of economics in airport planning and decision-making has become more important to the urban structure and land value around it. The relationship between the airport and land value in urban areas has attracted more attention from academic researchers. However, there has been little research on the factors that affect the prices of land relatively to the airport location.Using New Bangkok International Airport (S...
Keywords: Hedonic Pricing Model; Location of Economic Activities; Design and Planning; Bid-rent model; airports
Downloads: 324
Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) use biodegradable matter, such as wastewater and animal droppings to generate electrical energy. To harvest the energy from MFC, power electronic converters have recently been used because of their advantages, such as the ability to store the harvested energy and the ability to control MFC voltage. Although power electronic converters have advantages to be used to harvest the energy, the diode based energy harvesters suffer from the low efficiency because of the diode...
Keywords: electrical engineering; MOSFET; power electronic converters; microbes
Downloads: 449
[texts]Heidegger's discourse on Heraclitus's Concepts of Logos and Aletheia - Rainer, Kristopher Stephen
his paper maintains that the work of Heidegger on Heraclitus' fragments 50 on logos and 16 on aletheia, represent a viable alternative to the "Metaphysics" of Occident Thinking in the early 20th century, which has culminated in the mindset of the our technological age. It further explores an alternative aspiration for language and methodology that is able to serve as a viable alternative for the exploration of Heraclitus' texts, given their fragmentary format and obscure nature...
Keywords: Heraclitus; Interpretation; Language; Logos; Humanities
Downloads: 539
This research addresses the issue of geological dependence of deep foundation designs resistance factors for driven pile and drilled shaft designs in different locations. For the proof, two sets of databases were used: one from the NCHRP 507 report and another driven pile and drilled shaft database with static load tests and soil profiles from the different locations in Vietnam were used to evaluate resistance factor design for different axial pile capacity prediction methods...
Keywords: geological engineering; geology; vietnam; deep foundation drill
Downloads: 373
[texts]Study of Wind Loads Applied to Rooftop Solar Panels - Harris, Jennifer D.
The results from a full-scale faux solar panel installation research project for two panels placed near the edge of a building with a flat roof on the University of Colorado Denver campus are presented. The building and campus are located in downtown Denver, CO adjacent to a special wind region. A faux solar panel test frame was developed to measure the forces imposed on a full scale solar panel mounted on a flat roof...
Keywords: denver colorado; flat roof; force coefficient; solar power; wind tunnel
Downloads: 250
The critical load of a column, compression member or structure, calculated from a linear elastic analysis of an idealized perfect structure, does not necessary correspond with the load at which instability of a real structure occurs. This calculated critical load does not provide sufficient information to determine when failure, due to instability of the structure as a whole, will occur. To obtain this information it is necessary to consider the initial geometrical imperfections, eccentricities ...
Keywords: critical load; pedestrian bridges; pony truss bridge; steel structures; direct analysis method
Downloads: 379
[texts]Developmentally appropriate practice in the primary grades : classroom practices and the espoused beliefs of primary teachers, principals, and teacher educators - Adams, Suzanne Kay
This is a descriptive study designed to examine theclassroom practices of first and second grade teachersand the espoused beliefs of primary teachers, principals,and teacher educators concerning developmentallyappropriate curriculum and instructional methods in theprimary grades.
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; dissertation; phd; education
Downloads: 203
HASH values are the result of a cryptographic HASH function that can be used for security or file authentication. Due to the rise of file exchange on the internet this value has become even more important when working with digital evidence. In recent years freeware programs have become available online for both commercial and personal use to check for this value. However, there has not yet been a set way to verify these programs and to check that the results they are giving is in fact accurate...
Keywords: freeware; HASH values; matlab; testing; validation
Downloads: 192
[texts]Fun House : Ludus Loci and the American Home as Folly - Thomas, Lyle David
While play marks both the cultural and pre-cultural spheres of human existence, the environmental design disciplines have almost exclusively compartmentalized the notions of play and fun into categories of leisure and children's playgrounds. The rhetorics of environmental design, to date, have ignored, or at best marginalized, the possibility of play outside of recreational and commercial contexts...
Keywords: folly; fun; play; architecture
Downloads: 250
[texts]History of Injustice: The Factors Affecting Rates of Sexual Assault against American Indian and Alaska Native Women - Watkins, Elizabeth J.
This thesis explores the various factors that contribute to the high rates of sexual assault American Indian and Alaska Native women experience. Those factors include historical violence and racism; colonialism; and other geographic, economic, jurisdictional, legislative, and social issues. This thesis also explores what has been proposed and what has been done to address the violence, and what could further be done to prevent the violence.
Keywords: alaska native; american indian; rape; sexual assault; women
Downloads: 226
[texts]Predicting high school completion using student performance in high school algebra : a mixed methods research study - Chiado, Wendy S.
Too many of our nation's youth have failed to complete high school. Determining why so many of our nation's students fail to graduate is a complex, multi-faceted problem and beyond the scope of any one study. The study presented herein utilized a thirteen-step mixed methods model developed by Leech and Onwuegbuzie (2007) to demonstrate within a large urban Rocky Mountain school district, the existence of a significant relationship between high school algebra performance and high school completio...
Keywords: self-efficacy; education; social learning theory; algebra; mathematics
Downloads: 127
[texts]Wolves at the Door: Contested Space in the American West - Zackary, Burditt A.
This project utilizes a multi-sited approach to explore the specifics of anti-wolf sentiment and policy among rural residents in Idaho and Wyoming. To fully explore current anti-wolf attitudes, interviews, participant observation, and archival research were conducted in the summer of 2012. Wolf populations have declined outside of Yellowstone National Park since their removal from protection under the Endangered Species Act in Idaho and Wyoming in 2011 and 2012 respectively...
Keywords: conservation; rancing; social memory; wolves; american west
Downloads: 88
[texts]A weighty matter: effects of adiposity on adult neurocognitive health - Brannon, Sarah
There is a growing body of evidence suggesting there are modifiable vascular and metabolic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Despite many plausible mechanisms by which obesity could contribute, its etiological contributions remains unclear. We therefore investigated 1) the evidence linking obesity to cognitive health, 2) whether obesity in early or mid-life is associated with cognitive change and the possible factors involved, and 3) whether dietary interventions that reduce weight impr...
Keywords: Health and Behavioral Sciences
Downloads: 180
[texts]Building turnaround capacity for urban school improvement: the role of adaptive leadership and defined autonomy - Conrad, Jill Kristin
This dissertation examines the levels of and relationships between technical leadership, adaptive leadership, and defined autonomy among Denver school leaders along with their combined effects on school growth gains over time. Thirty principals provided complete responses to an online survey that included existing scales for technical leadership, adaptive leadership, and autonomy and newly created measures for defined autonomy...
Keywords: district improvement; school autonomy; Educational Studies and Research; adaptive leadership; defined autonomy
Downloads: 220
[texts]Will My Insurance Cover It? - Ethnography of Inclusion: Initiatives to Increase Access to BRCA 1/2 Genetic Testing - Hammad, Emily Allia
Women diagnosed with breast cancer may find BRCA 1/ 2 genetic testing useful in order to make decisions about breast cancer treatment options or in determining risk of future cancers. Through an ethnography of eight breast cancer survivors in the Denver Metro-Area this study reveals how access to BRCA 1/ 2 genetic testing differs depending on the type of private insurance coverage patients have. The political ecology of health (PEH) theoretical framework is used to analyze how the private insura...
Keywords: brca 1/2; breast cancer; health insurance; genetic testing; digital storytelling
Downloads: 86
[texts]Assessment of concrete masonry units containing aggregate replacements of waste glass and rubber tire particles - Isler, Jerry W.
Sustainable construction has become an interest in the engineering community and several standards have been developed to assess the environmental impact of new construction projects. Research has shown that it is possible to use recycled materials to replace some of the traditional mixture components in concrete products and produce a more sustainable building material. Two materials that are currently recycled and have the possibility of use in concrete applications are waste glass and rubber ...
Keywords: construction; concrete; masonry; rubber; engineering standards; aggregate
Downloads: 114
[texts]Are all hits the same? A mixed methods investigation of gender and violence in heterosexual relationships - Velonis, Alisa J.
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has increasingly become recognized as a public health concern in the United States. Recent research finds that that roughly one in three women and one in four men in the United States have been raped, physically assaulted, or stalked by an intimate partner, and the association between IPV and chronic physical and mental health conditions, acute injuries, and lost wages and productivity has been well documented...
Keywords: Health and Behavioral Sciences; Gender; Intimate Partner Violence
Downloads: 294
[texts]Heat and moisture transport in unsaturated porous media: a model in terms of chemical potential - Sullivan, Eric
Transport phenomena in porous media are commonplace in our daily lives. Examples and applications include heat and moisture transport in soils, baking and drying of food stuffs, curing of cement, and evaporation of fuels in wild fires. Of particular interest to this study are heat and moisture transport in unsaturated soils. Historically, mathematical models for these processes are derived by coupling classical Darcy's, Fourier's, and Fick's laws with volume averaged conservation of mass and ene...
Keywords: Unsaturated Porous Media; Applied Mathematics; Chemical Potential; Enhanced Vapor Diffusion
Downloads: 152
[texts]Analyzing environmental and structural characteristics of concrete for carbon mitigation and climate adaptation in urban areas: a case study in Rajkot, India - Solis, Andrea Valdez
Increasing temperatures, varying rain events accompanied with flooding or droughts coupled with increasing water demands, and decreasing air quality are just some examples of stresses that urban systems face with the onset of climate change and rapid urbanization. Literature suggests that greenhouse gases are a leading cause of climate change and are of a result of anthropogenic activities such as infrastructure development...
Keywords: High Volume Fly Ash Concrete; Pervious Concrete; Sustainable Concrete Technologies; Urban Infrastructure; Civil Engineering
Downloads: 319
[texts]The Effects of governance corruption on education budgets and income in central and eastern Europe - Hannaway, Tamara Lynn
This thesis addresses economic development in the context of endogenous corruption. We also ask whether economic growth exacerbates poverty or income inequality. The evidence to date is mixed. The thesis examines relationships among and between defined constraints on economic development by offering policy makers a unique method of measuring governance cor-ruption’s effects on education budgets and individual income...
Keywords: governance; corruption; education expenditures; income inequality; net growth theory; shadow economy; human development; economic growth; economic development; sustainable development
Downloads: 271
[texts]Improving student engagement using course-based social networks - Imlawi, Jehad
This study proposes an engagement model that supports use of course-based online social networks for engaging student, and hence, improving their educational outcomes. This research demonstrates that instructors who create course-based online social networks to communicate with students can increase the student engagement in these online social networks, and increase student perceived educational outcomes...
Keywords: Engagement; Facebook; Self-Disclosure; Humor; Computer Science and Information Systems
Downloads: 350
[texts]From tinkerers to gods : the electric guitar and the social construction of gender - Bourdage, Monique Mignon
Abridged abstract:Men have historically dominated as innovators and players of the guitar andcontinue to dominate these fields because the design and use of the guitar and the electric guitar, in particular, have been historically constructed to exclude women. The history of the electric guitar illustrates that a technology can neither be separated from the cultural values prevalent at the time of its creation nor those cultural values later ascribed to it Although some scholars have located the...
Keywords: thesis; social sciences; university of colorado denver; auraria library
Downloads: 109
[texts]Connection Capacity of Pultruded GFRP Channels in Multidirectional Loading - Wang, Michael
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites is a relatively new material that offers unique advantages for many different engineering applications. While there has been plenty of research performed to understand composite fiber failure mechanisms numerically and experimentally, the exact nature of failure based on fiber orientation is unknown. Due to the complex nature of FRP composites, fiber failure mechanisms are not clearly understood and the goal of this study is to gain further knowledge reg...
Keywords: channels; connection capacity; cyclic loading; GFRP; civil engineering
Downloads: 72
On a daily basis, consensus theory attracts more and more researches from different areas of interest, to apply its techniques to solve technical problems in a way that is faster, more reliable, and even more precise than ever before. A power system network is one of those fields that consensus theory employs extensively. The use of the consensus algorithm to solve the Economic Dispatch and Load Restoration Problems is a good example...
Keywords: consensu alhorithm; economic dispatch problem; load restoration problems; smart grid; electrical engineering
Downloads: 92
[texts]Historical Studies Journal, University of Colorado Denver, 2004 - Department of History, University of Colorado Denver
From journal's website:The University of Colorado Denver History Department supports and produces the Historical Studies Journal each year to provide students with opportunities to participate in publishing and editing professional history papers as part of our individual and collective paths toward becoming historians. Writing papers for submission, walking through the editing process as an author, and editing papers produced by others allows students to develop and practice skill sets that a...
Keywords: periodicals; colorado; history
Downloads: 162
[texts]Streets versus suites : public perceptions about the seriousness of white-collar crime - Van Antwerp, Victoria
The following research explores public perceptions of white-collar crime. Participants were asked to complete a two-page survey, inquiring about their perceptions of. Six white-collar crime scenarios and six street crime scenarios. Surveys were distributed to jury participants after they had been dismi ssed from jury. Participants were asked to read the crime scenarios and then judge the offense and offender on: seriousness, appropriate punishment for the offender, greed, remorse, and stress...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; criminology; criminal justice; thesis; bernie madoff
Downloads: 123
Philippe Bourgois and Jeff Schonberg pioneered the theory of lumpen abuse, expanding on and integrating Marx's concept of the lumpen proletariat, Bourdieu's symbolic violence and Foucault's biopower and Levi's politics of the gray zone. Lumpen abuse as a theoretical lens can reveal a wealth of insight studying marginalized populations. This study looks at the impacts of lumpen abuse and symbolic vulnerability among Denver MMT clients and discusses the hidden forms of everyday violence that impac...
Keywords: benzodiazepines; bourgois; lumpen abuse; methadone; structural violence
Downloads: 293
[texts]Blogging, babies, and business: mommy blogging as citizen journalism - Lawson, Marylynne
With the recent tide of "Mommy Blogs" proliferating the Internet, advertisers, researchers, and mainstream media outlets have all taken notice of the societal and cultural influence mothers have. Women in every stage of parenting have become professional writers by blogging about their experiences raising children. In turn, many isolated mothers have reached out to these blogs searching for communities of support and friendship...
Keywords: Motherhood; Humanities; Blogging; Gender roles
Downloads: 148
[texts]Examining the differential effects of natural and synthetic aromas of lavender and peppermint on cognition, mood, and subjective workload - Cavanaugh, Jamie Lynn
There is reliable, empirical evidence that various inhaled aromas can significantly affect mood, cognition, physiology and behavior (Herz, 2009). However, the literature often does not document whether natural or synthetic fragrances were used when evaluating these factors. Also, no studies to date have compared natural and synthetic versions of the same odors. The current study attempted to determine whether the natural aromas of lavender and peppermint were superior to their synthetic counterp...
Keywords: aromatherapy; fragrances; clinical psychology
Downloads: 179
[texts]Public bicycle sharing as a population-scale health intervention for active transportation in Denver, Colorado - Duvall, Andrew
Inadequate physical activity associated with acute car dependence is linked to increased risk of obesity and related chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression and cancer. More than half of U.S. adults do not meet the minimum recommended levels of physical activity. This research is a mixed methods quantitative/qualitative study of the impact of a public bicycle sharing system as a health intervention to induce active transportation behavior...
Keywords: active transportation; public bicycle sharing; sustainable transportation; physical activity; b cycle
Downloads: 198
[texts]Beneficial use of recycled materials in concrete mixtures - Maier, Patrick
The need to produce concrete mixtures with recycled materials is becoming more important than ever before. Not only does using recycled materials in concrete mixtures create landfill avoidance, but it decreases the depletion of virgin raw materials. The basis for this research was to investigate the effects of using recycled materials, in varying amounts, on the fresh and hardened concrete properties...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; civil engineering; concrete; building construction; master of science; structural engineering
Downloads: 162
[texts]Child's play: community solutions for increasing youth physical activity in distinct safety contexts - Phibbs, Stephanie L.
Amid the uniformly low physical activity rates among children in the United State, practical solutions for increasing physical activity (PA) are needed. Whether interventions to increase PA need to account for individual demographic characteristics or safety context is unknown.Methods:Study Design:This community based participatory research project used mixed methods, including secondary data analyses and concept mapping.Setting:Five demographically diverse, geographically contiguous, urban neig...
Keywords: Exercise; Program development; Safety; Health and Behavioral Sciences; Children
Downloads: 209
[texts]Switching strategies for ac/ac vector switching matrix converters - Bakir, Ahmed Mohamed
This thesis proposes switching strategies for AC chopper converters which can implement the multiple steps switching technique and convert the AC energy to AC, directly. The switching process in this technique depends on the current direction in the load. The main advantage of the technique is that the load will not be disconnected during switching events. Also, the semi-soft switching topology overcomes the switching problems in the AC chopper converters, without increasing the conduction losse...
Keywords: ac converters; chopper; dead-time; hard switching; semi-soft switching; snubber circuits
Downloads: 82
[texts]Assessment for Students' Conceptual Readiness and Multiplicative Reasoning - Legnard, Erika
This research thesis addressed the problem of how teachers can assess students' readiness to begin learning and progress through multiplicative reasoning. Addressing this problem is important, particularly because this type of reasoning serves as a conceptual foundation for higher-level mathematical topics, such as fractions, ratios, proportions, and algebra. When students and teachers struggle with these higher-level topics, assessing conceptual prerequisites plays a key role in identifying and...
Keywords: mathematics education; education; assessment; measurement; evaluation
Downloads: 151
[texts]Scale-up microbial fuel cell as a waste-to-energy system for the Colorado Convention Center - Zinner, Dania Joyce
Worldwide concerns of resource scarcity and climate change are driving the search for carbon-neutral, renewable energy alternatives for fossil fuels. Organic wastes such as food waste represent an abundant domestic resource for energy production. Recognizing the potential embedded in organic waste, various energy conversion technologies have been developed. Food waste from the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado can be used as the substrate for a microbial fuel cell (MFC) reactor, a n...
Keywords: civil engineering; university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of science; microbes; fuel sources; alternative energy; renewable energy; denver; colorado
Downloads: 234
Clark's nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) are the main seed dispersers for whitebark pine and primarily responsible for whitebark pine regeneration through their seed caching behavior. On-going losses of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, from white pine blister rust (caused by the exotic fungus Cronartium ribicola), historical losses of whitebark pine to mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), as well as successional replacement of whitebark pine...
Keywords: blister rust; clark's nutcracker; glacier national park; waterton lakes national park; whitebark pine
Downloads: 59
[texts]Surround sound for the DAW owner - Bayley, Michael John
The purpose of this thesis portfolio project is to broaden the population of surround sound listeners and producers by presenting an eight-song album of multi-channel audio in the form of Pro Tools session files, so that people who own a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and an audio interface with more than two outputs are encouraged to set up their own three, four, or five-channel surround sound environment with equipment they already have at home...
Keywords: daw; audio engineering; thesis; digital audio workstation
Downloads: 156
[texts]Evaluation of road construction alternatives : a regretful approach - Galadari, Abdulla
This study's objective is considering two main innovative criteria inevaluating alternatives of different road designs. It focuses on regret theoryand its utility in evaluating between different alternative designs anddevelops new criteria in the assessment of a traffic safety performanceindicator.Decisions between different road construction alternative designs are basedon multi-criteria factors. This research develops a systematic methodologyin considering regret based on a weighted system of ...
Keywords: traffic engineering; highways; university of colorado denver; auraria library; dissertation; phd
Downloads: 120
[texts]Sociocultural influences on tobacco use by Turkish youth : findings from quantitative and qualitative methods - Yuksel, Hulya
This study identified social and cultural factors that influence smokingbehavior of rural/urban youth, age 15-17, who attend high school inDursunbey, a small town in Turkey's Aegean region. The methodsconsisted of a cross-sectional, school-based survey of all 10th graders(N=211) in 5 high schools in Dursunbey, augmented by qualitative semistructured interviews with 42 10th grade students,  0 students from othergrades, 14 adult educators, and 4 other adults.
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; health. behavioral sciences; turkey; cigarettes
Downloads: 77
[texts]Shades of Black: Obsidian Distribution and Social Organization at the Teuchitl�n Tradition Site of Navajas during the Late Formative - Hoedl, Lucas
The Teuchitl�n tradition of West Mexico has often been overlooked within the greater context of Mesoamerica. Nevertheless, western Mexico contains a rich and vibrant cultural history that is ripe for expanded analysis. This paper broadens an understanding of the Teuchitl�n tradition by examining the role of obsidian distribution in the development of group social identity at the Late Formative Period site of Navajas, located in the Tequila Valley...
Keywords: archaeology; late formative; obsidian; west mexico; anthropology
Downloads: 147
s a business composition professor or one of their students, you are most likely already engaged in intensive web and weblog writing lessons. I hope to add to what you're learning because the job market demands creative content providers who understand how to build and maintain an online community. Using rhetorical theory, composition philosophy, practical analysis and personal experience, I'll incorporate into this thesis an easier way to utilize the blog, and therefore a way to maximize exposu...
Keywords: blogging; business writing; composition; corporate communication; digital marketing
Downloads: 260
[texts]English language literacy for the native speaker - Blake, Christine Ellen
The desire to learn a new skill or polish an old one for better employment prospects inspires many adults to enroll in community colleges. However, being away from school for a long time or having struggled in K-12 schooling, can make that transition back to the classroom difficult for adult students. As part of enrollment, they take an entrance exam, and if they do not perform well one the English Reading and Writing portions, they may be identified as "illiterate" in Academic English, and are ...
Keywords: academic english; adult literacy; community college; developmental education; english skills; literacy
Downloads: 265
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/12/07
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 33
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/11/07
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 24
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver2000/11/02
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 22
[texts]Ethics and organizational structure : a study of organizational values - Arney, Jo A.
This is a study about understanding the relationship between an organization'sstructure and the organizational values held by individuals who are members of theorganization. It is the contention of this research to show that organizational values are, at least in part, dependent on the structure of organizations. This study seeks to provide a pair of spectacles for public managers who wish to investigate and appreciate the ethical climate of their organization...
Keywords: dissertation; public affairs; university of colorado denver; auraria library
Downloads: 52
[texts]Safety Assessment of Freeway Merging and Diverging Influence Areas Based on Conflict Analysis of Simulated Traffic - Atamo, Markus Alito
The safety of merging and diverging influence areas, intersections, interchanges, and other traffic facilities is assessed by tracking and analyzing police-reported motor vehicle crash records. Since the nature of road crashes is random and infrequent, this process is slow to reveal the need for remediation of the roadway design and traffic control strategy. Moreover, this process is not applicable to assess new designs that have not yet been built, or deployed in the real world...
Keywords: conflict, traffic, engineering, theses; crash; freeway; merging; surrogate; driving; dissertation
Downloads: 91
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